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We received an unsolicited letter from a concerned community member, to our Facebook Account, that we thought we would share. Thank you for your kind, considerate, and thoughtful words: Letter from a community member.

This is a perspective on supporting local healthcare, but also about supporting local businesses in general.


This is not just a local or regional problem, this is becoming a National issue. Should access to quality healthcare exist only in metropolitan areas? What happens to these communities when they not only lose access to healthcare and emergency services, but often times lose their communities largest employer? According to the National Rural Health Association, 28 Rural Hospitals have closed since the beginning of 2013; this is nearly double the pace of the previous 20 months. In the past year alone, more rural hospitals closed than in the prior 15 years combined.

According to Ezekiel Emanuel, a White House health policy special advisor, one in five hospitals will close by 2020. That will mean nearly 1000 hospital closures across the Nation. Emanuel predicts the first hospitals to go will be smaller ones, which already operate with less than half of their beds full. At Columbia County Health System, we would offer the counter point that its not all about how many “Inpatients” the hospital has, but rather the 230 patients we see on a daily basis for everything from out patient emergency services, lab, PT, and X-Ray to forty-four long term care residents.

The Care Crew is comprised of a select group of employee volunteers that work on behalf of the employees of Columbia County Health System. They are often there in our employees time of need and operate from funds raised by donation or fund raisers. Truly a dedicated team of individuals!

Columbia County Public Hospital District #1 Board Meeting Agenda

Mrs. Dawn Meicher, ARNP and Mrs. Kortney Killgore-Smith, ARNP!

An important component of the great team of people working to improve the health of our communities clinically and financially.

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