Name the Robot

It is hard to be a nameless robot in a hall; we are on a mission to name our new Telemedicine robot! No longer will it be “Hey you, come and help me with this patient.” We will have a name and a happy little Telehealth robot.

Poor little guy, head hanging because he doesn't have a name.

3 thoughts on “Name the Robot

  1. admin says:

    He looks sad without a name; his head is all hanging, shoulders slumped

  2. Tracy Barron says:

    He has a name now!! It is Rover.

  3. admin says:

    . . . . and Rover was his name-o. The Board of Directors chose “Rover,” submitted by Reid in the lab, as the Telehealth Robots name. Sit Rover, staaay, good robot; now, go heal somebody.

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