Most cases of Coronavirus are mild (COVID-19)

Many are concerned about the coronavirus (COVID-19). It’s important to know most with COVID-19 have very mild symptoms, some none at all. If you’re feeling ill and have mild symptom like a low-grade fever and/or persistent cough, please isolate yourself at home for your recovery. If you need more information, please call Columbia County Public Health Department 509-382-2181.

However, if you feel you need care, please call your primary healthcare provider. If you don’t have a primary healthcare provider, please call the Columbia Family Clinic 509-382-3200 or the Waitsburg Clinic 509-337-6311. We will ask a series of questions so we may make arraignments for your arrival. Please wear a mask if you have one. Please only use the Emergency Department if you are having trouble breathing or have severe symptoms. For urgent medical needs please call 911 and describe your symptoms clearly.

Columbia County Public Hospital

Angela Trenti was recently featured on Blue Mountain TV to discuss our wound care program; this segment included a testimonial from one of our patients Mr. Dave Hale who discussed how both our swing bed program and our wound care program helped him. We appreciate Dave’s participation and for providing permission, allowing us to tell his story.

Thank you Blue Mountain Television for bringing your team to our facility and for spending the time to help us tell this story. Blue Mountain TV

CCHS is a 2019 Intalere Healthcare Achievement Member Award Winner

Columbia County Health System is a 2019 Intalere Healthcare Achievement Award Winner. Cheryl Skiffington and her materials management team of Chris Davis and Matt Ott won the Supply Chain/Data Management or Supply Cost Efficiencies Award for Our Materials Management Redesign Project. Congratulations to this great team as they have worked hard to improve efficiency and decrease inventory costs through better management!

High Performing Team

Members of our revenue cycle team participated in a high performing team building exercise; we brought our complete revenue cycle back in-house in 2018 after having outsourced it since 2010. Members of this team are both patient centered and have set high standards for themselves. Notes from the meeting indicated the characteristics of a high performing team: Mutual Respect, Resilient, Compassion, Shared goals, Trust, Can depend on each other, Confident in self and team, Growth, Smart/knowledgeable/skilled, Engaged, Efficient, Accountability/Takes ownership, Awareness of others, Resolves issues, Shared values, Passionate, High expectations, Compassionate, Shared vision, and Knows mission.